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Name:Red Dwarf
Location:JMC Red Dwarf
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For the discussion of the BBC programme Red Dwarf
This community is all for Red Dwarf! Feel free to post any discussions, observations about the show or its cast/crew, speculation on the future of Red Dwarf, and related topics.

At the moment I'm not going to bar fanfiction, art, icons, and so forth, but if such things become a point of contention that may change in the future. Personally I love the stuff, but we'll see how it goes (and honestly, unless somebody starts doing massive icon-dumps daily or posting links to every chapter of their 85-chapter epic fanfic as new posts, I don't forsee any upsets. Just use common sense).


1. Don't be a jerk. This should go without saying. "Being a jerk" includes deliberately starting flame-wars, being inordinately nasty to other members and being unreasonably nasty about members of the cast/crew of Red Dwarf. You're allowed to have your own opinion and criticisms, but the same goes for everyone else. Just keep it civilized, please, and leave the venom at home.

2. Keep discussion of things like illegal file sharing to e-mail and private messaging or your own personal journal. I have no personal opinion on the matter but I don't want this community TOS'ed for something easily avoidable.

3. Stay at least roughly on topic with posts to this community. Nobody cares about what your pet hamster did today, that is what your personal journal is for. (Discussions of Lister's mechanoid goldfish, of course, are allowed.)
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