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This place is entirely too quiet. We have 25 members now, where are you all?

So if they decide the specials were popular enough to warrant a couple more series, what do you think they'll do? Or better yet, what do you HOPE they'll do? Characters, plot-lines, tied up loose ends?
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Not bothered, as long as it's funny.
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I am just hoping to get to see the specials someday here in the US.
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I'm not sure - i'd like to know what happened with Rimmer (the 'real' Rimmer that went off to be Ace). Was that him in BtE? or was it some completly different Rimmer. Personally i'd like it to be the real Rimmer - maybe he failed as Ace (which would seem likely lol) and foudn his way back to the rest of the crew.
Apart from that - i'd just like a new series to have more of the old banter and sarcasm between the characters.
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More banter would definitely be nice. The specials were heavy on the meta, but distressingly light on the banter.

I am all in favor of Rimmer being unexpectedly awesome. And I'm glad they went back to the "four guys on a boat" formula, rather than using the whole shipwide ensemble of Season VIII, but a little continuity regarding how they got there would be nice.

Also, and I realize this kind of contradicts the previous point, but I would love to see more female characters getting in on the action.


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