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Season 9 ficathon?

I know this isn't meant to be a fic comm as such, but it's the only Red Dwarf comm on DW, so who else would I ask?

I'd love to see a ficathon focusing on the mythical season 9, or 9 and 10 as long as 10 hasn't been made yet.

What happened with the mirrorverse adventure? Which Rimmer is that? How did they get back to the Dwarf? Which Dwarf is that? Why does it look so different? Why did Kochanski leave? What happened to the rest of the nano-resurrected crew? Or what other adventures did they maybe have that were never mentioned in Back to Earth?

Just basically any fic set between Season 8 and Back to Earth would qualify. I realize plot, science and consistency aren't terribly important in Red Dwarf, but wouldn't it be fun to construct theories on them anyway? 

Any interest? If so, anyone interested in running it? Should it be a prompt-based challenge or a free-for-all, possibly with a points system? 
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Are you going to nominate it for Yuletide? *G*
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I kinda like prompts myself, you never know what will show up, and hey, free plot bunnies. :B

Anonymous makes it more fun (and kinky, usually, LOL)
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Anonymeme? I dunno.

Maybe flog it on some of the comm-advertising sites. There are people who are part of this community that may be interestd but JUST AREN'T LISTENING!!! *screeches and throws things*

I dunno.
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I dunno, I've seen some full-length, chaptered fic spring from such memes.

Though, true, those are not the majority.

I dunno what to tell you.