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Just to get things rolling, maybe a bit of chit-chat...

Q&A time!

So, dear Dwarfers, Who is your favorite Red Dwarf character, and more importantly, why?

*stares at you eerily until you answer*

And don't make me threaten you with endless offers of toasted bread products!
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From: [personal profile] mecca

I have to say Rimmer is my absolute favorite. I love that he's smug, egotistical and basically out for himself most of the time. Every time he runs away from a fight, it just makes me love him even more.

It's actually nice to be in the majority for once because most of the time the characters I like on shows, everyone else is meh about.

BTW, Will there be a discussion post about the recent special that aired? I would do it, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to start one?



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