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Just to get things rolling, maybe a bit of chit-chat...

Q&A time!

So, dear Dwarfers, Who is your favorite Red Dwarf character, and more importantly, why?

*stares at you eerily until you answer*

And don't make me threaten you with endless offers of toasted bread products!

From: [personal profile] alittlebirdy

hmm, I too like the minor characters. Talkie Toaster, Mr Flibble, Dwayne Dibbly.

I quite like Holly, and Lister followed closely by Cat. I like Holly because he/she does a good job of playing stupid when in actual fact he/she is quite clever. (the queeg practical joke springs to mind) I like Lister because he knows just how to get under Rimmer's skin and irritate him to the nth degree. I like the cat because he is so shallow and self serving that all you need to do is wave a shiny thing under his nose and he'd sell his own mother out. lol


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