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Series XI and XII: Good idea/Bad idea?

Dave has commissioned two further series of Red Dwarf.

What's your reaction? Are you excited? Trepidatious? Entirely opposed?
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Newbie baring Gifts.

Hello, I come baring gifts. *points*


Now for Icons. )

Now. Red Dwarf Friends only Banners. )
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Season 9 ficathon?

I know this isn't meant to be a fic comm as such, but it's the only Red Dwarf comm on DW, so who else would I ask?

I'd love to see a ficathon focusing on the mythical season 9, or 9 and 10 as long as 10 hasn't been made yet.

Example questions cut for Back To Earth spoilers.  )

Just basically any fic set between Season 8 and Back to Earth would qualify. I realize plot, science and consistency aren't terribly important in Red Dwarf, but wouldn't it be fun to construct theories on them anyway? 

Any interest? If so, anyone interested in running it? Should it be a prompt-based challenge or a free-for-all, possibly with a points system? 
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YAY! New series!

.... Boo, it's for Dave and therefore quality may be suspect.

(news via Kryten Robert Llewellyn on twitter)
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Red Dwarf Trivia Quiz anyone???

Well it's something to do right?

I'll start with a really easy one..

What was the name of Lister's cat and mother of the cat race?
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Series IX and X?

This place is entirely too quiet. We have 25 members now, where are you all?

So if they decide the specials were popular enough to warrant a couple more series, what do you think they'll do? Or better yet, what do you HOPE they'll do? Characters, plot-lines, tied up loose ends?
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Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Um, y'all know you're allowed to post stuff, right? *kicks people*

Anybody have some ideas for activities that might be fun? Icontest? fic-a-thon? Caption contest? "Other"? Eh?
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Just to get things rolling, maybe a bit of chit-chat...

Q&A time!

So, dear Dwarfers, Who is your favorite Red Dwarf character, and more importantly, why?

*stares at you eerily until you answer*

And don't make me threaten you with endless offers of toasted bread products!
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Just a little welcome mat for everyone! I hope this community will be fun for Red Dwarf fans on Dreamwidth. Do please post any Red Dwarfy things, I expect this shall be a friendly little place. =)